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We are your husbands, sons, fathers, boy-friends, brothers, grandsons, grandfathers, uncles, friends, neighbors and co-workers! We care! And we are willing to do something to make your world safer!

Schenectady Stand Up Guys (SSUG) is about raising awareness and engaging well meaning men and women in the process of standing up and speaking out about men’s violence against women and girls. It is our belief that while the vast majority of men are well intentioned and non-violent, the majority of perpetrators of sexual assault, domestic violence and child molestation are in fact men. For too long the effort to stop this abuse has been primarily led by women.

It is time for men to understand that this is not a “women’s issue”, but it is equally a man’s issue and, most clearly, a community issue. The time is now for men to begin to take an active part in Standing Up and Speaking Out, so that we can together, break the male silence that quietly and subtly colludes with male offenders, the “bad guys”. Stand Up Guys need to send the message that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to abuse, rape, hit, assault, objectify, stalk, harass and/or control women. The silence of men can be interpreted as permission and we have to do something to stop that!

In order to get the word out we are looking for Stand Up Guys willing to get involved in any or all of the following activities:

  • Be willing to identify yourself as a “Stand Up Guy” - Take the Stand Up Guys Pledge!
  • Participate in an “awareness” activity
  • Be willing to speak out about violence against women and girls
  • Become a volunteer, educator or trainer
  • Help plan or facilitate a community workshop or training
  • Share a story, testimonial or write a letter to the editor
  • Get involved on the Advisory Board
  • Donate money or help organize a fundraising event
  • Provide in-kind donations such as free products, professional services, or items like office equipment and supplies or gift cards


Please call on any of the SSUG organizers (Ed Guider, Mark Chaffin, Wendi Gapcznski, Carole Fox or Jeff Gaul via email at for more information or if you are willing to lend a hand.


"Envisioning A World with Liberty, Justice, Safety and Equality for All"



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