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The Pledge

The mission of Schenectady Stand Up Guys is to raise awareness about menís violence against women and girls and to promote gender equality in our Community. We accomplish this mission through education, community projects and by holding events and activities that raise awareness.

Schenectady Stand Up Guys Pledge

  • I pledge to treat all women in my life with dignity, respect & equality.
  • I pledge to take the time to listen to the women in my life and acknowledge that their perspective is valuable and is equally important as mine.
  • I pledge to have the courage to speak out about sexist values, attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate violence against women.
  • I pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women, sexual assault or domestic violence.
  • I pledge to learn, practice and teach non-violent methods to resolve conflict.

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"Envisioning A World with Liberty, Justice, Safety and Equality for All"



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