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Time Banking

"Time Dollars" are a special, tax-exempt form of money that anyone can earn by using their time, energy, skills, and talents to help others. One hour of service provided to another human being or to the community earns one Time Dollar.

Co-production as an idea was developed by the founder of Time Dollars, Edgar S. Cahn, who was responding to the fact that whole communities and the people within them find their strengths, resources, and talents overlooked, rejected, and discounted.  Edgar Cahn saw too many people being defined as having nothing to give, nothing of value.  They were society's "Throw-Away People", struggling to find a niche in a world that says they "do not count."
He developed Co-Production as a different path, one that asserts that this is unacceptable, and that all individuals, no matter how frail, fragile, damaged, even delinquent, can feel valued for contributions that they are able to make as they are to the store of human capital in their family, neighborhood, or community" (quoted from The Time Dollar How To Manual).

The four core values of Time Dollars:

  • Assets - The wealth of a society is its people.  Every human being can be a builder and contributor.
  • Redefining Work - Work redefined includes whatever it takes to rear healthy children, preserve families, make neighborhoods safe and vibrant, care for the frail and vulnerable, attach injustice, and make democracy work.
  • Reciprocity - We all want to give back.  Replace all forms of one-way acts of helping with two-way transactions, so that "You need me" becomes "We need each other"
  • Social Capital - Humans require a social infrastructure, which require ongoing investments of social capital generated by trust, reciprocity, and civic engagement.

Time Dollars is helpful for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, because you don't need money to earn or spend Time Dollars. Domestic violence is the leading cause of poverty among women.  Abusive men know how to keep women in relationships by hiding the money, keeping assets a secret, threatening to take all of their money, house, and possessions.  Women return to relationships with abusers for the same reason.  How do you pay a plumber when you have no money?  How do you go to court to get child support when you have no money to pay for transportation or child care?  Time Banking is an alternative way to get women's needs met without depending on an abusive partner.  

Systems across the country have been trying to address the high rate of domestic violence and sexual assault since the 1970s and found that domestic violence and sexual assault are problems that cannot be solved by law enforcement, the judicial system, and women's services alone.  The problem affects all areas of the community and all areas of the community working together is the most effective way to hold abusive men accountable and keep women and children as safe as possible.

The Schenectady County Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence (CCR-DV) follows the proven model with professionals and private citizens from various areas of the community.  A steering committee made up of representatives of the organizations and systems that deal with domestic violence and sexual assault, bring issues to the larger group for decisions and solutions.  Committees work to accomplish projects.  A Coordinator employed by the CCR-DV organizes the committees' work, presents trainings in the community, and facilitates meetings.  

What does that mean for a Schenectady Stand Up Guy?  
  • The most important part of the community response to domestic violence and sexual assault is men telling men that real masculinity means behaving respectfully toward women and children and the CCR-DV is one of the best places to do that.
  • You stand with other men and women who are willing to take action. 
  • You are a citizen, voter, and member of the community affected by domestic violence and sexual assault 
                                 Come to a CCR-DV meeting and find out how you can help.


                                                      First Thursday of Every Month
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