Their are many ways that you can help, both on a local level, as well as a state and even on the national level.

Most importantly, set out to make a difference ("once begun, you're half done").

Getting involved sends a powerful message to victims and survivors of domestic violence in your family, your circle of friends, your neighborhood, or your workplace: we are a community that cares, "we are all in this together".


Domestic Violence Resource Centers offer a number of ways for concerned community members like you to make a difference.  Make a donation of funds or goods. Leave a legacy. Advocate. Involve your company.  Volunteer.  Listen.  Speak out.  Whatever option you select, you will strengthen your community.

You can make a difference in the lives of stalking victims. Please visit our other links on this website to learn more.

On behalf of all victims and survivors of domestic violence we serve, thank you for your support!


     How you can make a difference in the community.

1. Talk to your children about domestic violence its never too early to start.

2. Join groups in your area like the Schenectady Stand Up Guys.

3. Purchase bumper stickers, buttons, posters, mugs and other items to display, use or distribute to demonstrate your concern about domestic violence.

4. Distribute the Schenectady Stand Up Guys informational brochure,  especially during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

5. Add the hotline numbers for the local domestic violence agency, the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Sexual Assault Hotline to your website. Consider adding links to other domestic and sexual violence organizations.

6. Support and volunteer for a local domestic violence programs, like the Schenectady YWCA.

7. Learn about the resources available in your community to assist victims of domestic violence.

8. Contact your state domestic violence coalition to ask how you can get involved in public education campaigns and in changing/strengthening laws in your state.




"Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose your words, for they become actions. Understand your actions, for they become habits. Study your habits, they will become your character. Develop your character for it becomes your destiny."

3 Out of Every 7 Females Are Abused In Their Lifetime!

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence are not problems that affect just females, we are all tragically affected every day and at a very high price, and not just in terms of money!

Coming together to make a difference, even save lives!

Are you willing to help us make a difference?

Do you have a daughter, niece, grand-daughter, or a friend that does?

Every day, someone in your house of worship, home, local school or neighborhood is abused in some way. It's an epidemic!

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